Joyce Lewis

You're building a website for your new business, but you have no idea what it should say. You want to start a company blog, but you don't have time to update it regularly. You already have a website or blog, but the content is outdated or no longer fits your needs and vision. None of these are fun situations.

That's where I come in. I can write new articles or refresh your current website content. I'll work with you to create marketing material that presents your company's message clearly and understandably. I'll take your blog ideas and craft posts that are simple and engaging reads. Want specific SEO keywords included? No problem. I'll seamlessly weave those in to make Google happy without sacrificing quality and readability.

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My Story

2012 was a turning point in my life. By then, I had earned two degrees from Hollins University: a Bachelor's in English and Creative Writing and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. After graduation, though, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I eventually found work as an English tutor and helped many middle school, high school, and college students over four years. It was rewarding work, but it wasn't worth the daily struggle with the company's bureaucracy.

Feeling burnt out and facing a dead end, an online acquaintance pointed me toward a small marketing agency in Las Vegas that had openings for web content writers. The agency hired me as a remote freelancer. With every assignment I worked on, I came to enjoy the work and the people I was working with. I found a way to use my writing skills to help people succeed in business. In 2018, I started reaching out to businesses in my area to gain enough clients to become a full-time freelance copywriter.

I help small business owners and entrepreneurs connect with their target audience and acquire more leads by writing quality website content. I invite my clients to join me in the writing process, so the final product conveys your offer and reflects your company's personality. I ask tough questions, but several clients have thanked me for asking them since they helped my clients solidify their message, who they want to reach, and what makes them stand out from the competition.

If you want to know more about how I do what I do, I encourage you to read the page on my approach to copywriting. There are also plenty of real-life examples in my portfolio. If you're curious about what I write in my free time, you're welcome to check out my creative writing blog.